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September 3, 2015 Comments Off on Unforgettable Wheel Story Celebrity, News

Unforgettable Wheel Story

Busted fuel filter and knee-high muddy tracks don’t stop “Marli”, our new calling for Mario and Lilis, the two characters in the journey of Wheel Story. From the heat of a bustling harbor to chilly mountain peak, these two Indonesian youngsters ride on a powerful big bike. Mario and Lilis are just two mid-sized Indonesians like any other Asians, but their nerves are far more grander.

Marli, it's our recurring moniker for Mario and Lilis. They have been very passionate and friendly. We love all the stories sent from abroad

We have been very fortunate to partner with Mario and Lilis. We followed their story in their less ordinary journey in Wheel Story II, up until now. We continue to serve Wheel Story as one of their media partners as we continually develop short stories in pictures from whatever images they send us. Mario and Lilis have been very good travel journalists for us and we wish their health and success in every journey crossing numerous nations from Asia to Europe.

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Surely we have missed their presence and friendliness. Mario is known as an exceptionally passionate traveler, and Lilis is a courageous and hardworking partner in every step of the way. The last time we communicated with both of them was when they were in India and planned to fly to Iran. That’s a long way from home and we think Mario and Lilis will be our best exemplification and icon, especially for youngsters in their generation, as true young travelers.

Every once in a while Lilis videocall me (actually my son who has interesting connection with Lilis). With the advanced technology of communication, Lilis seems to be closer although we are parted thousand miles away. We learn so much from their journey. The friendly Malaysian bikers; the hard-to-escape Penang; the adventurous journey in Myanmar; the food in India; the frustrating visa application and all. It’s been a good talk. Maybe in October or November 2015, we will have intense discussion on their journey, here in Indonesia as they return home.

So, what are you guys up to?

We know, social media is sort of limited in Iran. Keep in touch and keep your journey less ordinary!




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